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Council hears public input on planning and zoning

Draft meeting minutes for the city of Manhattan Beach’s Feb. 5 city council meeting show the council heard from four residents requesting that planning and zoning committee meeting minutes and agendas be put on the city website, and that committee members receive ongoing training.

Currently, minutes from 2007 and 2008 planning and zoning minutes are posted. The council decided to post minutes from 2009 and on along with any available agendas.

Planning and zoning members will be provided with ongoing training opportunities through the League of Minnesota Cities or online webinars.

Mayor Paul Allen said the council could not make planning and zoning members take the training, but could provide them with information on where to find it.

Allen also suggested that planning and zoning members, along with council members, attend a training session from the League of Minnesota Cities on safety and loss prevention. The council decided the session would be paid for by the city and mileage would be reimbursed for anyone attending the training.

In other business Feb. 5, the council:

• Decided to purchase a laptop computer for the city, and budgeted $1,550 for the purchase.

• Accepted an agreement with Bolton & Menk Engineering for engineering services to the city on an as-needed basis.

• Decided against posting monthly financial reports on the city’s website. Minutes show Allen found Crosslake and Fifty Lakes do not post financial information on the website, and that Allen said it could be setting the city up for problems.

• Approved an agreement with Frandsen Bank and Trust for the safe keeping of pledged securities, a government regulation.

• Heard that resident Larry Wannebo volunteered to write a short story about the history of Manhattan Beach. He plans to check dates and present the story to the council again.