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Open house details CSAH 3 reconstruction

County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 3 will be reconstructed beginning in the summer of 2014 from County Road 37 in Crosslake to County Road 1 in Fifty Lakes.

Crow Wing County’s highway engineering team held an open house Tuesday night, Feb. 19, to take questions and public comment.

The most current plan was on display. Steve Stroschein, Crow Wing County senior engineer, said the current plan is by no means final. Maps of the project plan were left at Crosslake City Hall.

While the majority of the road will remain on its existing alignment, some right-of-way acquisition will be required. Stroschein said the county is in the process of appraising properties for right-of-way acquisitions.

Stroschein said his goal is to meet with every property owner by May, and provide them with offers in June, if not earlier.

“We will meet with every single individual,” Stroschein told the 20-plus people in attendance.

County engineering coordinator Mark Melby said letters sent to property owners will include a brochure with property owners’ rights. County employees will also be on hand at the Crosslake Highway Department office periodically for appointments with residents.

Melby said that once property owners are provided offers, they will have 30 days to respond.

Construction will begin in June of 2014 and wrap up in the fall. In total, 5.9 miles of roadway will be reconstructed. The road will be closed to through traffic during construction. Melby said the goal will be to have the road passable at night in both directions.

Stroschein said residents on CSAH 3 shouldn’t see a problem with their utilities during construction.

Reconstruction will also include five or six storm water retention ponds. None are on the lake side of the road, Stroschein said. The ponds allow water to filter through the ground, instead of flowing off the road and directly into area lakes.

The county has done extensive work to cut down on the curves and hills along the road, the engineers said. Driveways may get steeper in some cases, but all driveways were looked at to have good sight distance.

Curb and gutter will be constructed from Swan Drive to Pine Bay Road, and from an area around Little Pine Lake, where it becomes residential, to Pine Lure Drive. Another section of curb and gutter will be installed inside the city limits of Fifty Lakes.

While those stretches of road with curb and gutter will be designed for 40 miles per hour or less, the state makes the ultimate decision on the appropriate speed for the road, not the county.

Pine Lure will also be straightened where it meets CSAH 3 for better sight distance, engineers said.

Some residents will lose trees. Plat lines will stay where they are in many cases, but trees will be cleared up to the plat lines. Melby said snow storage is one aspect of the design that warrants tree removal.

No other public meetings are currently planned for the project, but questions and comments can be directed to Stroschein at