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Emily City Council discards one proposed ordinance, decides to refine another

The Emily City Council held a public hearing concerning a proposed ordinance for landlord licenses and a nuisance ordinance on Tuesday, Feb. 12, according to meeting minutes.

Discussion of these ordinances began in 2012; however, 2013 has brought newly elected officials. The ordinances were designed to set standards for safety and quality of the city of Emily through regulation of properties and property management.

The landlord license ordinance would have done this through regulation of rental property for purposes of safety and prevention of housing deterioration within Emily. The nuisance ordinance would have addressed issues such as garbage piles and loud noises.

An argument was made against the landlord license ordinance due to the fact that neighboring cities do not have a landlord license ordinance. The council approved a motion to strike the ordinance.

Another argument was made against the nuisance ordinance based on the amount of the city that is rural properties. It was suggested this would give the city too much control. A point was made that the ordinance would interfere with the management of greens on the Emily Greens Golf Course, as greens require mowing in the early morning.

Patricia Kestner, city clerk, suggested that the ordinance would currently be suited to a larger city. It was sent back to the committee with the hope it could be scaled down to fit the needs of the city of Emily.

In other business Feb. 12, the council:

• Received notice from Police Chief Bill Bemhjelm that he will retire at the end of May.

• Approved a 50-cent hourly pay increase for police officers.

• Approved updating the outdoor warning siren controller at a cost of $570.

• Approved a request by the Lakers Lions to claim a wall at city hall where they can leave information and books about the Lions.

• Approved use of the new Emily City Hall by the Lions for an Easter egg hunt on March 30.

• Approved an increase in fire and first response contract rates from 2.2 percent to 2.34 percent.

• Council member Jan Mosman suggested the remodeled city hall’s name be changed to the Emily City Center. A survey can be found on the city website where people can make suggestions.