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Another Pine River-Backus School Board position vacated

Citing health issues stemming from stress from serving on the Pine River-Backus School Board, board member Barb Beck submitted her resignation from her position Monday, Feb. 18, effective Feb. 22.

“In light of serious health issues I have been dealing with, I need to reduce stress and focus on healing at this point,” she said. “I’ve appreciated the opportunity to serve on the board.”

The board is expected to accept the resignation at its next scheduled board meeting March 18. At that time the board will also discuss plans for choosing a replacement to fill the vacant position.

Beck had been with the PR-B School Board since beginning her term of office in 2009, and won re-election for another four-year term in 2012. Last month she was nominated for election to the position of chair, but was defeated by one vote in favor of Sandy Poferl.

Beck’s resignation comes nearly four months after John Palmer submitted his resignation from the board. The board filled that position earlier this month, appointing Leslie Bouchonville to the seat.

The board had appointed Jerry Peterson to the seat in December, when Peterson was still on the board. He was not re-elected in November.

In early January, the board rescinded Peterson’s appointment after learning it violated Minnesota state statute for officers to fill a vacancy if the officer had “the power to make the appointment.” The board had conducted two votes in December: The first vote was to add an action item to the agenda, “Appoint Jerry Peterson to fill the vacancy on the school board.” Peterson abstained from this vote.

The second vote was “to appoint Jerry Peterson to fill the vacancy on the school board.” Peterson did not abstain from this vote.

After rescinding Peterson’s appointment, the school board interviewed five candidates who applied for the position: Chas Norman, Jason Marcum, Ann Sweeney, Peterson and Bouchonville. Stephanie Wynn was also considered though she couldn’t be present during interviews.