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Crow Wing County approves change for Peaceful Harbor

Once a small resort with a few cabins, Peaceful Harbor Shores is going through another transformation.

Tuesday, Feb. 12, the Crow Wing County Board approved Peaceful Harbor resortominium plans for the Rush Lake property in Ideal Township near Pequot Lakes. Peaceful Harbor is off Milinda Shores Road.

The most recent change to the land use map has the 3.9-acre Peaceful Harbor moving from waterfront commercial to shoreland district.

In 2010, the county approved rezoning Peaceful Harbor land from shoreland residential to waterfront commercial.

The most recent plan for Peaceful Harbor is to convert the mobile home park and one common lot into 26 residential lots and one common lot using a conservation design. In 2010, the county granted a conditional use permit for 27 mobile homes. The mobile homes were to be owned individually with the land owned by the resortominium.

The county noted a similar use at Golden Harbor is next door. The county reported the site met the county goal of encouraging housing options for different socio-economic groups.

The plan calls for a reduction in docks and mooring sites, going from 16 docks to 13 and from 43 mooring sites to 26. The dwellings are to be used on a seasonal basis and not year-round. A criticism came as the development was first commercial, which allowed the 26-unit density, and now will be residential.

Requirement with the land use amendment included maintaining a vegetation buffer on property lines, completing a stormwater management plan and no net gain of units in the future.

The board also approved an amendment to the land use map to go from rural residential 2.5 acre zoning to commercial 2 for 5.10 acres off Butternut Point Road and County Road 16 in Ideal Township.

The township wants to put a 1,771-square-foot addition on the north of the existing town hall. The township reported the addition would allow updated bathrooms and provide a room for meetings and fire department training.

One comment for the public hearing on the zoning change said commercial zoning was inconsistent with the surroundings and encourages a treeless area in what the writer considered spot zoning. The county’s planning commission said the reclassification fit in the county’s comprehensive plan to encourage diverse business and livable wage employment and doesn’t signal a change in how the property is currently used.