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Jenkins City Council maintains price for ball field advertisements

The Jenkins City Council on Monday, Feb. 11, talked about costs associated with the ballfield next to city hall.

City Clerk Krista Okerman said that in 2011 and 2012, the baseball field in Jenkins cost approximately $5,000 to $6,000 per year to maintain. The only source of income the field generates is from three-year contracts for advertising on banners.

Okerman spoke to Dallman Signs about the price of the banners. She received a quote that banner prices would remain at $167.79, the same price as in 2012. Another company quoted a price of $240 per banner.

It was determined that some banners at the ballfield could be reused so more money could go toward maintenance. The cost to advertise in the ballfield is actually $399 per year — $167.79 of that goes toward buying the banner and the remaining $231.21 is used to offset maintenance costs for the field.

Reusing banners would mean that additional $167.79 would also go toward the cost of the field.

Public Works representative Roger Olmscheid said he had spoken to Jackie Cogan of Pequot Lakes youth athletics and was told that group might be willing to pay a small fee to use the field.

Other sources of reimbursement for the ballfield were considered. The council agreed that the price for banners should remain the same, and council member Gary Hart will be in charge of evaluating the condition of signs.

Also Monday, the council created a policy governing the replacement of mailboxes damaged by snow removal. A limit of the reimbursement cost was set at $25.