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City of East Gull Lake continues research on possible fire station

East Gull Lake contracts with the Brainerd Fire Department and is considering building a fire station in East Gull Lake for the department to use. This project would result in a change in home insurance prices for those living in the area.

At the Tuesday, Feb. 5, city council meeting, Mayor Dave Kavanaugh said he had spoken to two property owners about the city buying property for possible construction of a fire hall. He had approached two other property owners already, and he intends to speak to two more.

In other business Feb. 5, the council learned the Department of Transportation Office of Aeronautics said there are trees at the East Gull Lake Airport that need to be trimmed. The department requires all brush on the East Gull Lake airstrip to be cut down to grass level. This is regular maintenance that is done every three to four year because of sumac encroaching on the airstrip.

City Administrator Brenda Thomes is working with Ben Thuringer, president of seaplane pilots, to get the trees trimmed as soon as the snow melts.

The council addressed preliminary guidelines concerning impervious surfaces, such as concrete and asphalt, within the city. The city currently has no guidelines for impervious surfaces. Council member Rob Mason suggested inclusion of a section on green space. No decision has been made on the subject. A public hearing will soon be held.