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Crosslake interim administrator relinquishes duties

In a Feb. 1 letter to the mayor and council, Crosslake interim city administrator Jenny Max relinquished her administrative duties and reverted to her role as city clerk/treasurer.

Max was appointed interim administrator in December when then-administrator Tom Swenson resigned in protest.

In her letter, Max stated that she “feel(s) that at this time the council is moving forward in a direction that does not include an administrator, based on the fact that the council did not engage in any discussion related to my proposal ... that would have shown an interest in working towards a solution for both myself as well as the city.”

At a special meeting Thursday, Jan. 31, the council did discuss staffing, but did not address Max’s proposal. In that proposal, Max suggested combining administrator and treasurer duties into one position, which Max would fulfill, and moving all clerk duties to Char Nelson, currently the deputy clerk.

Staffing discussion surrounded both administrative and planning and zoning duties, but no firm plans were made.

Max stated in her letter that immediately after the Jan. 31 meeting, council member John Moengen approached her and suggested giving both Max and Nelson a bump in pay and adding a few responsibilities, while remaining in their usual roles.

“I feel that it would have been appropriate to introduce this idea at the council meeting,” Max stated about Moengen’s suggestion, “in order to resolve this issue and put some finality as to whether or not the council wishes to fill the administrator position at this time.”

Max stated that she’s willing and open to discussing the possibility of assuming the city administrator position, should the council wish to revisit the issue.