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Lake Shore to seek more grants for County Road 77 trail

The Lake Shore City Council agreed Monday, Jan. 28, to apply for a couple of grants for the proposed trail along County Road 77.

Both grants are for $150,000, with a 25 percent match required from the city on each grant.

If the city received both grants it wouldn’t have to fund the match because one grant could be used to offset the other, council member John Poston said.

If the council received one grant, it would be responsible for the 25 percent match. The city has $147,000 in a fund for this trail project. And the council could request Fund 73 dollars from Cass County to fund the match.

Council member Susan Amacher said entities the city has donated to could be approached to donate to the trail project.

Both grants would be through the DNR: the Local Trails Connection Program and the Federal Recreational Trail Program.

The council learned earlier this month that it didn’t receive a DNR Parks and Trails Legacy fund grant it had sought.

Poston said the trail team has discussed the limited right-of-way through the middle portion of County Road 77 and the challenges for accommodating a detached trail. The team believes the best alternative would be to reconstruct this section of the road and to incorporate shoulders of adequate width.

Poston said Cass County is willing to add this work to its five-year road plan.

Poston said the road work and trail will create a safer, wider roadway with shoulders. But County Road 77 will maintain its character. The only place that may lose some character is the S curve near Bar Harbor, which would be good for safety, Poston said.

The Trail 77 Team talked about grants at its January meeting. In its last meeting last fall, it was learned the preliminary trail alignment for phase 1 would include some areas with curb and gutter as a vehicle barrier. Some potential easements may be needed, not for construction but for easier construction on side slopes.

The trail corridor will be 14 feet wide with a 10-foot trail and two-foot clear zone on each side. More discussion is needed with Minnesota Power regarding using the existing power line corridor for the trail.