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Crosslake sets 2013 levy

The Crosslake City Council set the 2013 tax levy Monday night, Dec. 10, at the same amount as the 2012 levy: $2,709,916.

City Administrator Tom Swenson said that while the levy will remain the same, individual taxes could increase or decrease depending on changes to property values.

Though the levy will remain the same, the city budget is up. Swenson said this is mostly due to refinancing of city bonds.

“We refinanced bonds this year at a lower rate, so payments on bonds are lower this year than last year. That savings is captured in additional revenue that can be used in the budget,” Swenson said.

Some of that money will go toward the ambulance expansion currently being built onto city hall, and some will be used to repair roads as part of the city’s five-year plan.

The city budget and expenditures for 2013 were also approved Dec. 10, both totaling $3,813,456.