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Oscar and Rocky need a new home

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Oscar and Rocky are two friendly, energetic boxers who love to play together. Litter mates, the two tackle each other and race each other around the yard.

Unfortunately, the boxers are looking for a home together. They were abandoned at Stay and Play Pet Resort in Pequot Lakes over the summer.

The dogs were brought to Stay and Play as an emergency drop-off on July 18, but were never picked up, said Stay and Play owner Jeff Garland.

Garland made numerous efforts to contact the dogs’ owner, with no progress. He contacted the Pequot Lakes police, who were able to track down the owner.

The owner was going through hard times, Garland said. Garland believes the owner felt something for the dogs, but he did not pick them up and could not pay the bill at Stay and Play. Though Garland made many efforts to work out a good solution, none was found.

Months later, Garland went through the proper procedures to take ownership of the dogs. They currently live at Stay and Play. Though Garland would like to take them home, he already has numerous pets.

The dogs have a good reputation at Stay and Play, having never wet or defecated in the facility.

The dogs are very food oriented, and were raised among children. They know the “come” and “sit” commands.

Garland said the dogs have never posed a problem. Though they don’t jump on people, they sometimes like to jump and nudge, or jump and twist around.

The dogs are not neutered, and Garland believes they could be papered, though he does not possess the papers.

“I believe they could be a purebred, it’s just that I have no way of proving it,” he said. “They are stout, strong and good-natured, but they love to play together.”

Garland said it’s clear that the dogs need to stay together, and he would like to give them to a good home that can take both dogs.

This is the first time a situation of this nature has occurred at Stay and Play, Garland said.

“It’s an unfortunate deal. I hope it never happens again,” he said.