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Lodging tax stands

The Jenkins City Council learned Tuesday night, Oct. 9, that a lodging tax that had been under question for proper procedure had indeed passed through all the correct avenues to be a standing law.

The 1 percent lodging tax, which was adopted in 2000 to go toward marketing, came under question at the council’s September meeting. At that meeting there was concern over whether the proper procedures were followed to adopt the law, including whether a public hearing had been held.

Concerns over whether a public hearing was held led to concerns over whether the ordinance was enforceable.

City clerk Krista Okerman reported Oct. 9 that her research showed that all legal requirements had been met when the tax was implemented.

A joint powers agreement was mentioned in the October 2000 minutes, Okerman said, though she was unable to locate that document. That joint powers agreement named Ideal Township’s clerk as the tax administrator.

Though Ideal is the tax administrator for the lodging tax, Whitefish Lodging Association manages the marketing. Okerman plans to request copies of the joint powers agreement from the association’s accountant.

Council member Gary Brown said he believes the city’s involvement in the tax needs to be tightened.

Brown cast the sole no vote against a resolution to reaffirm the 1 percent lodging tax.

Mayor Jon Lubke was not present at the meeting. Dale Daudt, acting mayor, was present.

In other business Oct. 9, the council:

• Renewed a resolution allowing the city to snowplow an unfinished street in Deeg’s Executive Addition. The resolution was originally adopted due to the economy, so the city plows streets that are unfinished but have residents living on them.

• Approved a building permit application checklist, drafted by Okerman, of information that is to be submitted for a building permit.

• Discussed a compensatory time policy regarding how to handle overtime. A policy will be drafted by council members Brown and Gary Hart and brought to a future council meeting for approval.