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Pequot Lakes City Council adopts sign concept plan

After months of discussion, a sign concept plan gained Pequot Lakes City Council approval Tuesday, Oct. 2, though viewpoints differed.

The amendment to the city’s sign ordinance allows property owners to increase the number, size or height of signs on their property in the commercial/industrial districts and the residential district with Planning Commission approval.

Property owners no longer have to go through the conditional use permit process to submit a sign concept plan.

The amendment does not allow property owners to obtain signs that are not allowed by the ordinance, such as digital signs.

Some believe the amendment simplifies the process and saves property owners money.

Others disagreed about the simplification.

“It’s a targeted solution to something where it doesn’t really solve the underlying issue related to the problems with sign ordinance in the city, I believe,” said council member Tom Ryan.

Council member Jerry Akerson said, “I think it’s a good move and will save citizens money, but I agree it doesn’t get to the crux of the problem, which is the sign ordinance itself.”

Council member Dave Sjoblad and Scott Pederson liked the ordinance amendment. The process is streamlined and reduces fees and time for citizens, Pederson said.

After discussion, the council also adopted an ordinance amendment setting the deadline of appeals of 90 days to the city clerk and 60 days to the board of adjustment.