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iPads distributed at PR-B middle, high school

The 1:1 iPad initiative was recently rolled out at Pine River-Backus middle level and high school.

Principal Trent Langemo said the 1:1 iPride - Engage initiative, as it is called, is the culmination of a lot of planning, preparation and hard work.

Students were issued iPads in a similar method to textbooks; each student is given an iPad with a serial number, and they are responsible for that iPad for the year.

Students are allowed to take the iPads home, which allows them to work on projects and assignments linked to the iPad.

Students can download the work at school, then work on it at home even if they don’t have Internet. They can then turn those projects in electronically when they get to school

Research went into planning ahead for all foreseeable problems, including care of the iPad, protection and software information. That research also included finding a durable case for the iPads.

Each student was required to sign a pledge before they were given the iPad.

Teachers worked with administration to test out applications. All student iPads are programmed with the same apps, and the iTunes store and app store have been removed from student units, so students cannot download apps or music.

Looking forward, apps could be added that are specific to each classroom or student to fit their educational needs.

Langemo said both teachers and students are excited.

“People are working together to make it the best initiative we can put forward,” he said.