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Tech Savvy: Phil Siebel is Dr. Phil to a Tech Savvy fan


Hi there, Tech Savvy Fans! This week we’ve got a bunch of different things that I wanted to touch on and for the most part we didn’t really have a set theme. My thanks to all our readers out there. I appreciate hearing from you and the questions that you’ve sent in. I hope that my advice gives you some ideas.

A couple updates

I’ve said before that I’m a huge fan of Slacker Online Radio and they just keep getting better! Recently Slacker has created two new ways that you can find artists you like — based on concert events and rising stars that you haven’t heard of yet. The best part about this is they are offering these playlists options to all Slacker users, not just their paid subscriptions.

Their event-based selection is really cool. Remember the last concert that you went to? It probably consisted of a couple opening acts and then the main headliner. If you were really lucky the event was double- or triple-billed and you got a concert that you wouldn’t soon forget. After the event you maybe pulled individual songs off your collection and put them on a mix CD, or more recently shuffled it around on your iPod. This allowed you to recreate the concert virtually. The converse is that sometimes you do that before you go to the concert, to get a feel for what it’s going to be like. Well, rejoice music lovers — Slacker’s made that easy for you. They have compiled a list of recent and upcoming music festivals that create a playlist that features music from the participants of that festival! Austin City Limits, Coachella, Lollapalooza and the list goes on and on. I tried both out and it had all the great features that I’ve come to expect from Slacker — great audio quality, good mix of artists and songs and it streamed perfectly.

Are you all about the latest and greatest? Well, Slacker has you covered there too. In addition to the festival collection, they also released an Artists To Watch station. In this are the up and comers across all genres featuring artists that you more than likely have not caught up with yet. Some of the artists featured are: HAIM, Ab-Soul, CHUVRCHES and more. Even I’ll admit that they are unfamiliar to me but that just makes the station all the more appealing. They’ve done a great job sourcing a playlist full of artists that they are predicting will make it big in 2013. Check it out, and when they make the big time you’ll be able to say you heard them first!

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