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Chef's Hat: Hooked on Celery

For some reason I was looking closely at a bag of celery that I recently purchased. There was a promotional stamp on the package touting the benefits of celery including that it was a good source of Vitamin A. Celery is one of those things that I never thought much about. It is something I usually considered more of a flavor enhancement or garnish than an actual vegetable that was full of vitamins. But that little ad got me wondering and I went on line to find out what magical qualities are in these crunchy, green stalks.

A little bit of searching around and it does look like celery is more than just something to put on a relish tray. It is a good source of Vitamin A, which supports a healthy immune system, heathy skin, and slows the effects of aging. It is also an excellent source of Vitamin K that promotes healthy bones. The stalks are also rich in Vitamin C, and of course celery is a good if you are watching your weight as it is very low in calories. One website claimed it reduces inflammation, reduces blood pressure, helps relieve stress, regulates the body’s alkaline balance and aids digestion. Well, who knew that celery could do all this?

All that being said, I have never really done much with celery other than use it to add some flavor to soups and stews and to put it on a relish tray. But with all of its benefits, it’s definitely time to use celery a bit more. I found some great recipes on the Dole website. For the most part these were very easy to make and something I think most family members would enjoy.

So forget about just putting a bit of peanut butter into that celery stick. Be adventurous! Try a new celery dish. Happy Eating.