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Good Samaritan residents get a big, furry visitor and his dog too

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Michael Martin of Backus, known locally for his stature and beard, brought his dog, McGee, to Pine River’s Whispering Pines Good Samaritan Society on Thursday, April 17, to visit.

McGee, a German shepherd and Great Pyrenees mix, visited with residents throughout the building. In passing, one resident claimed that McGee was not a dog, but a horse.

Martin said McGee is a 2 1/2-year-old dog rescued from a windowless barn in Pine County where he was neglected and poorly fed. Martin adopted him through the “No Dog Left Behind” program.

After adoption, McGee proved to be a very big, very calm and well behaved dog.

“That is why I want to try him as a therapy dog for those who can no longer have their pets close to them, and miss theirs as much as I would,” Martin said.

This was McGee’s first visit to Whispering Pines. He behaved very well, so Martin would like to continue bringing him to visit on a monthly basis.

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