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What inspires you?


Webster says it is “a breathing in.” To inspire is to breathe, to infuse life, to have a supernatural influence.

So what is it that inspires us? We could remember times or places in answering this question. Sitting on the rocks of the North Shore of Lake Superior with wind and waves crashing is inspiring. Enjoying a quiet evening on a local lake while fishing could be inspiring.

An early morning walk or watching the colors of a beautiful sunset are inspiring. Hiking the Cascade mountain range looking down on a valley meadow is inspiring. Observing the depth and vastness of the Grand Canyon is inspiring. The crashing of the ocean waves and their thunder so loud that you have to yell at the person next to you to be heard is inspiring.

God’s creation always elicits inspiration. As we “breathe in” the power and beauty of His creative handiwork we are moved to wonder and awe.

There is another inspiration that eclipses all these. The fourth definition by Webster on inspiration is: a divine influence upon human beings, as that resulting in the writing of Scripture.

The Bible just sitting there on the shelf has no effect until a human being opens it, begins to read with an open heart the words that flowed from the breath of God, words that infuse life, that supernatural influence that inspires, and then true inspiration takes place within the soul.

Paul writes to Timothy in his second letter that “All scripture is God-breathed,” literally, the breath of God’s Spirit. He has given it to us that we might inspire, breathe it in, because the Scripture is useful for infusing His life. We can have life infused into us through the Lord Jesus. Jesus longs to inspire, breathe His life into our souls.

This will not happen unless we breathe in His Word. Certainly through the millenniums the Scriptures have had a supernatural influence on men and societies and nations. But only when it has been read and honored and followed.

Many have attested to reading the Book with an open heart and being wonderfully inspired by His speech, words that flow from God’s heart. It has changed many hearts. It changed this old sinner’s heart, and His words continue to change me today.

I encourage you to find a quiet place today and sit down with His book, like sitting with an old friend, and open and read and allow His words to bring supernatural inspiration to your inner person.

You’ll be glad you did.

(Dennis Gellerman is pastor at Mildred Bible Chapel)