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Pages from the Past for August 8, 2013

75 years ago, Aug. 11, 1938

From the Pine River Journal

With this issue of the Pine River Journal, we complete the third year of publication in PIne River, which means that one hundred and fifty-six consecutive issues have been mailed out.

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50 years ago, Aug. 9, 1963

From the Pine River Journal

(Photo) Mike Griep, who was called out and awarded the “Order of the Arrow” significant honor at Camp Clyde. He is seen here being invested with the honors, in the mystic moonlight rites. Others who were dragged into the solemn circle were Kenneth King and Phillip Robideau, all of whom are now authorized to wear the Arrow Pine and Scarf.

25 years ago, Aug. 11, 1988

From the Pine River Journal

(Photo)LIGHTNING APPARENTLY STARTED a small fire at the Shaving Shed north of town. Firemen responded promptly last Wednesday afternoon and soon had it under control.

(Photo)THE COMMUNITY VAN IS NOW back in business. There has not been a van since March when a fire at the Group Home garage totaled the van. As of last week the residents of Pine River are “on the road again”.

1976 has come to be known as Minnesota’s Year of Fire. One of the most devastating of these was the so-called Huntersville-Badoura fire which virtually consumed all living things on 23,000 acres or 35 square miles.

10 years ago, Aug. 7, 2003

From the Pine River Journal

Decision coming in early 2004 for 371 project- MnDOT’s goal remains the same for Highway 371:take a two-lane Highway that’s not safe and turn it into a safer four-lane highway.

(Headline) Save the Library? Only if you take action