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Bridge scores

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Monday, July 22

Jenkins VFW 11 a.m.

No scores available.

Tuesday, July 23

Whitefish Golf Course


6 p.m. Duplicate

North/South: Jim Thompson and Pat Wynthe, 119.5; Pat Nentl and Ginny Hersey, 116.5; and Lois Steffen and Charles Ready, 114.5

East/West: Tom McGrath and Bill McGoldrick, 149; Lorraine Northagen and Emily Schuldt, 120.5; and Bruce Peck and Joe Heal, 115.

Wednesday, July 24

Maucieri’s 11 a.m.

Larry Fleer, 7670; Dan Huff, 6680; Jim Thompson, 6440; and Bruce Peck, 6160.

Thursday, July 25

Whitefish Golf Course

1 p.m. Duplicate

North/South: Lois Steffen and Charles Ready, 94; Emily Schuldt and Ginny Hersey, 93; and Bruce Eastman and Jim Huble, 86.5

East/West: Bruce Peck and Joe Heal, 93.5; Mona Monroe and Saundy Fedor, 91; and Lorraine Northagen and Pat Nentl, 87.5.

Friday, July 26

Crosslake Community Center 1 p.m.

Emily Schuldt, 5770; Barb Grove, 5140; and Al Hauge, 5010.

Anyone interested in joining any of the bridge games can contact Jim Thompson at 218-543-4688 or at the Crosslake Community Center, call the Center at 218-692-4271