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A problem of pride

We live in a culture that struggles with pride.

While there is a healthy side to pride, the side that calls us to do the best we can, become all that we can and make the most of what God has given us, we are much more aware of the pride that is selfish, self-seeking and self-promoting.

This kind of pride is closely connected to the attitude of the arrogant. Pride, however, is much more a self-exalting of one’s self to those around the individual. It is “a shift of ultimate confidence from God as the object of praise and the source of what one has to oneself as object of praise and source of all that one has.”

Some Scripture: II Kings 19.22 states: “Who is it you have insulted and blasphemed? Against whom have you raised your voice and lifted your eyes in pride? Against the Holy One of Israel.”

In Psalm 10.4 we read: “In his pride the wicked does not seek Him; in all his thoughts there is no room for God.” Prov. 13.10: “Pride only breeds quarrels, but wisdom is found in those take advice.” (See also II Chron. 26.26; Proverbs 8.13; 11.2)

It does not take much to see why God hates pride. Pride leaves little or no room for God. It takes from God what God deserves. Instead of God being praised and glorified, the prideful person praises and glorifies themselves. Instead of God being thanked for His gracious provision, the prideful person takes the credit. Instead of God being depended upon the prideful person depends upon themselves and their limited abilities and resources.

According to Obediah 1.3 Pride also results in deception. Pride causes a person to see things in a distorted fashion. Because of this they are deceived into thinking that they are in control. A civil war rages in a person however because none of us can control it all and soon there is no peace of mind, nor tranquility of heart. Ultimately, the reality is that though they appear to have things in hand, Satan is leading them to destruction and eternal loss. Truly the man who dies with the most toys still dies!

Pride hardens the heart, according to Daniel 5.20, and opens the door for humiliation and disgrace. Pride comes before destruction (Prov. 16.18) Because we think we already know we miss warning after warning and soon we find ourselves in very deep waters. (See Prov. 29.23; Isa. 2.11, 17; 13.11; Jer. 13.17; 49 16)

Pride also breeds quarrels (Prov. 13.10)! Pride usually results in being a poor listener! You can’t tell a prideful person very much. They think they already know the answer. None of us knows it all and we really need godly input from others to help us avoid the pits.

So, what does God desire: 1) For us to understand there is forgiveness and restoration for those who repent of the sin of pride (II Chron. 32.26). 2) To exalt Him and Him alone (Isa. 2.11, 17) 3) That we know and walk with Him in humility and thanksgiving. He honors the man of a lowly spirit (Prov. 29.23). 4) Wisdom is found in those that take advice (Prov. 13.10).

The problem with PRIDE is the I in the middle.