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Summer reading program is under way

“All righty, then,” says Jim Carey in his classic movie, “Pet Detective.” We do have spring. We do have grass, and leaves on the trees, and flowers.

And what, may I ask, comes after spring? Why, summer, of course.

And what does summer bring? The summer reading program!

Sign up began June 3. Don’t miss out. This is fun stuff full of all sorts of special events and prizes and gatherings. I know. I’ve been there before.

“Dig into Reading” is for 5- to 12-year-olds and begins Monday, June 10, and continues through Aug. 3.

But wait! There’s more!

The teen program, “Beneath the Surface,” begins at the same time. Among the events is children’s author Patrick Mader. The DNR will bring Smokey Bear. We will have Monkey Mind Pirates Yoga Party.

Told you! Fun stuff! Want to know more? Call the Pine River Public Library, my home, at 218-587-4639.

Speaking of spring and summer, your important equipment has been sitting idle all winter. Maybe it isn’t working quite right or at all. What to do? What to do? Oh! Go to and check the small engine repair reference center.

There is all sorts of important information on lawn mowers, ATVs, farm tractors, boats, tillers and other stuff you have in your garage or storage shed. Fix that stuff! Yard work is more fun when your equipment works properly.

Not into yard work? What about that boat motor? Fishing is fun, but if you get stranded out on the lake, that isn’t so fun. (Actually, I don’t do a lot of fishing, but I do enjoy fish.)


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