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DeZurik represents American Legion in Washington, D.C.

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Ray DeZurik, a member of the Nisswa American Legion, was in Washington, D.C., recently lobbying for issues that affect American war veterans and the military.


DeZurik, Minnesota’s National Executive Committeeman, was part of a delegation of 35 Minnesotans in Washington.

The delegation met with nearly every Minnesota representative and senator, and urged an agenda of veterans programs that Congress will be dealing with in the future.

Included in the lobbying efforts were:

n Sequestration. The American Legion supports a fiscally responsible government, but takes issue with cost cutting measures that will harm the nation’s ability to defend itself.

n Military to Civilian Credentialing. American soldiers coming home are highly trained and skilled. They often find that their skills do not transfer into civilian occupations because of unfair certification processes There should be a seamless transition from military jobs to civilian jobs.

n Flag Amendment. A new bill has been introduced that would not call for a Constitutional Amendment, but would give Congress the power to prevent physical desecration of the U.S. Flag.

The delegation spent four days in Washington and attended informational sessions on critical issues. There are 87,000 members about 560 posts in the Minnesota American Legion.