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Pages from the Past - February 14, 2013

75 years ago, Feb 10, 1938

From the Pine River Journal

Tasty Sandwiches. -- To vary the plain peanut butter sandwich, mix peanut butter with chili sauce, spead on slices of hot buttered brown bread, and put together with crisp lettuce leaves. Garnish with slices of dill pickle.

The Federal Forest service has decreed that hereafter the Norway pine, so common to the Lake states, shall be known as, and called, the red pine. Instructions to this effect have been sent to all National forest custodians.

49 years ago, Feb 14, 1964

From the Pine River Journal

Rhodes Gilchrist, Pine River, has received his release from the Calhoun Realty Co. of Minneapolis and will now conduct an independent Real Estate business in Pine River.

(Advertisement) Washington made history cutting down a cherry tree--and you’ll make money cutting down your food bills at Carl’s!

25 years ago, Feb 11, 1988

From the Pine River Journal

Representative Tony Kinkel and Sanator Bob Decker participated in a Legislator’s Workday at the Whispering Pines Good Samaritan Center in Pine River last Thursday, February 4th. The Workday began at 6:15 in the morning and ended about 3 p.m.

Several Individuals from various organizations braved the extremely cold and windy weather last Friday morning for an inspection of the lower dam at the end of main street.

10 years ago, Feb 13, 2003

From the Pine River Journal

(Photo) Pine River-Backus High School hosted its Sno-Daze coronation Monday night. Heather Hulke and David Fink were named the 2003 Queen and King, and Sheree McCoy and Shane Vredenberg were named Princess and Prince.

The fire alarm went off around 11 in the morning on a typically cold February day. As the students and staff filled the halls, they could hear on the intercom, “This is not a drill.”