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Why I Will Never Officiate a Gay Marriage

Gay marriage is now legal in our state. As a pastor, I find that weddings in general are a challenge. Those challenges will increase with the reality of gay marriage as formally sanctioned by our state.

At the root of the issue for me is the very purpose of marriage. When you ask people what the purpose of marriage is, they are likely to say things like, "to be happy or fulfilled," "because I love my mate," "to raise children," "because it’s the right thing to do."

However, as a Christian pastor, I understand that the purpose of marriage is to glorify God. God Himself created and initiated marriage to demonstrate His love and the reality that God is good. The Bible clearly teaches that God created us male and female and that he created man and woman for each other. God designed us to be in relationship together as male and female to demonstrate what unconditional love is to look like when lived out on a day-to-day basis between two very different and diverse people.

In addition, marriage itself is given to us as humans, by God, as a gift. When God created us as humans He could see in His wisdom that we would need help to fulfill our destiny. In His wisdom God created Eve as a helper for Adam. This is a good thing, and is God’s means of demonstrating His goodness to us. The key points here are that marriage is God’s design and is given to us as a gift, not a right.

Now here is where the dilemma is. To endorse gay marriage is to reject God’s good design. It would be to redefine what God has already defined and, therefore, reject God’s wisdom, will, plan and destiny for human kind.

For me and for our church (and true Biblical Christianity) marriage is meaningless and irrelevant without God (Jesus Christ) at its center. Marriage is all about a man and a woman living in a relationship with Christ at the center demonstrating the unconditional love of Christ day by day and living in observance of the truths of Christ as revealed in the Bible.

I simply cannot endorse any wedding that does not acknowledge and embrace God as its source, strength, purpose and desires to live by His truths. To do so would be to reject God and to settle for something that is inferior, and in fact detrimental to ourselves, our culture, our eternal souls and God’s good name.

When marriage is guided, modeled and lived according to God’s design and standard, it becomes something glorious, joyful and fulfilling.

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Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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