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Avoid gardening mistakes

Before tackling the gardening season, it’s important to have a plan. That may be putting in a vegetable garden or creating a flower bed to add color to the yard. Without a plan, many gardeners make one or more of the following mistakes.

• Mistake No. 1: Taking on too much. The idea of a vegetable garden for fresh produce is a great idea, but a garden that’s too large can turn into an excessive amount of work. It’s important to remember that a garden does not take care of itself.

• Mistake No. 2: Overcrowding. It’s important to pay attention to the instructions that come with seeds or bedding plants. It can be tempting to crowd plants into an area. Plants need air circulation to breathe. Overcrowding also means plants have to compete for light and nutrients, and it can make plants more prone to disease.

• Mistake No. 3: Not weeding. Weeds compete with your precious tomatoes and cucumbers for water and nutrients. It’s important to pull weeds before they grow big enough to choke out plants or before they go to seed. Applying mulch around plants and pulling weeds before they turn into 2-foot plants will help to keep the weeds in check.

• Mistake No. 4: Not preparing new beds. A new bed is more than just heaping some dirt on your lawn. It’s important to kill grass and weeds before starting a new vegetable or flower bed. If the soil is too sandy or too heavy, amend it with good soil, compost or manure. Starting with a healthy gardening bed will go a long way to keeping weeds down and making the garden easier to maintain.

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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