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Pequot Lakes man - a former outsdoorsman - enjoys a good read

Name: Dennis Schupp

Age: 82

Hometown: Pequot Lakes

What are you doing at the Pequot Lakes Library today? I am picking up some new books. I got a two week’s supply of reading here.

Hobbies: Reading, time on the computer. I used to do a lot of hunting and fishing, but age has caught up with me there, so I don’t do that much. Mostly duck hunting. I was an avid duck hunter. In fact, I made a shot at trying to hunt every day of the year, and in four years I’ve made it one time. I love duck hunting. I had Labrador retrievers, and I think half of the fun I had was watching the dogs work.

Did you have one particularly successful duck hunt? I’ve had too many of those. I got pretty good at it.

Work: I’m retired. I was a fisheries biologist for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Favorite meal: I guess I like an old-fashioned pot roast as well as anything. Or else a good meal of fish.

Favorite author: I run into authors. This one is kind of new. I picked up a couple books by him here. I run into a lot of authors I like and occasionally ones that I don’t like. A favorite, I’ve found, is hard to choose. I used to read nothing but nonfiction but I read a lot of fiction now. Mysteries, spy novels, some science fiction. I picked up one here (Dune). It’s a long series. I read the original Dune. In fact, I still have a copy at home. I have read the whole series. This is his (Frank Herbert’s) son now. The original Dune was a fascinating story. It reminds me a little bit of the Messiah story. I’ve enjoyed all of them.

Family: I’ve got a niece and two grandnieces. They live in St. Paul. Other than that the rest of my family is gone. I’m the last one standing in my immediate family.

— Compiled by Travis Grimler, Echo Journal staff writer