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Despite wind and bad ice, Ice Fest goes on

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Though the wind was gusting and some events were cancelled because of bad ice, many area residents and visitors made their way to Ice Fest in Breezy Point to take advantage of the great outdoors Saturday, Jan. 4, before temperatures plummeted below zero in the following days.

The annual snowmobile radar runs and ice auger competitions were cancelled this year, both because of bad ice. Slush that formed on the ice made for unsafe conditions.

However, pond hockey tournaments were still on as 10 teams competed on two rinks. The competition was Olympic-themed this year with American flags between the rinks and Olympic-style medals for the winners.

Children and adults enjoyed the ice slide, a bonfire, a craft fair indoors and an ice skating rink.

Fireworks were launched in the evening. Zambelli Fireworks, which provided the show, said the cannons were adjusted for the wind, and added that the cold weather makes the show brighter and louder.