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Students design capes to send message of empowerment

Nikki McCarthy’s fourth-grade class at Eagle View Elementary School recently made superhero capes, which will be sent as gifts to children staying at shelters.

The project is in coordination with Enchanted Makeovers, an organization that transforms often drab homeless shelters for women and children into comfortable spaces.

According to, which is working with Enchanted Makeovers, the capes are given to children staying at the shelters to send a message of empowerment. Building on the idea that the clothes children put on send their bodies a message, Enchanted Makeovers hopes to give children strength from within.

“Enchanted Makeovers believes it’s not about calling on ‘superman’ or ‘supergirl’ to swoop in. It’s about calling on our own strength, from within, that we never knew we had,” states.

McCarthy sewed the capes herself, and each student in the class decorated the capes with a unique design and superpower.

They’ll be mailed to Enchanted Makeovers, which has chapters in all 50 states.