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Patriot Activities Club at work in Pequot Lakes Schools

The Patriot Activities Club (PAC), formerly the Patriot Athletic Club, has given more than $132,000 to Pequot Lakes student activities in the last 10 years.

That money has provided pads for the gym walls, uniforms and equipment for sports teams, a $50 stipend for all state participants and supported activities such as grad blast and prom.

PAC’s mission is to support all extracurricular activities at the school, and that includes a wide range of efforts. In addition to supporting activities by donating to clubs and programs, PAC coordinates competitive travelling youth sports leagues.

PAC is currently seeking more involvement from the community, asking for coaches, athletes, and board members to serve on various committees.

PAC raises money through Patriot logoed clothing sales, concession sales and coupon book sales.

“Every penny goes back into the school,” said Kate Dale, a PAC member from its inception and Pequot Lakes High School varsity volleyball coach.

PAC began in 1988 when the former athletic director, Bob Ayd, saw a need. The Lions Club helped the group get started, forming what PAC is today, Dale said.

Dale said PAC does its best to support any group within the school system that approaches PAC with a request. The group aims to donate money toward equipment or uniforms that is an investment to be used for many years.

Though the group was formerly the Patriot Athletic Club, the name has changed to the Patriot Activities Club to encompass the wide range of groups, teams and activities PAC is supporting and has supported over the years.

After donating money, PAC asks that those receiving money volunteer their time and cover a night in the concession stand.

Tina Grewe, treasurer for PAC, said that having students who have benefited from PAC volunteer in the concession stand helps those students learn that the money is earned and their volunteering is benefiting their team or group.

Dale said volunteers have a great time in the concession stand. Shifts are only two hours, so there’s not a major time commitment, she said.

PAC also coordinates and supports several traveling teams for student athletes. Dale said the sports PAC offers elevates the sports to a higher level of competition. The teams will travel to other areas of the state to compete.

PAC sports are offered after the community education season of the same sport is over, so students who want to continue to play have an opportunity to do so.

PAC has several committees that work to improve extracurricular activities. Those include membership; concessions stand; the Touchdown Club, which is the football boosters group; the Diamond Club, which is the newly formed baseball boosters club; traveling teams; and tournaments.

The group is currently seeking interested parents or community members to get involved with the committees and support an area of interest. Coaches and student athletes are also sought to grow involvement.

Grewe got involved because she had mentors who made similar efforts for her, and she remembers how it helped her. She’s been involved with PAC for six years.

“It’s all for the kids. Everything we do goes back to kids,” she said.

PAC’s latest fundraiser is coupon book sales. The coupon book is $25 and those who purchase the book have the opportunity to save up to $2,500 at local businesses.

The book includes coupons for restaurants, golf, haircuts and more from businesses around the area. They can be purchased from any student involved in a PAC activity, at the Pequot Lakes High School office, at Studio Posh in Crosslake, Crossroads in Time in Pequot Lakes and Ganley’s in Nisswa.

PAC asks anyone interested to contact the group via PAC’s website,, or by emailing