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Students savor school-grown sweet corn

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Eagle View Elementary School students tasted home-grown sweet corn at lunch Friday, Sept. 20, grown from the nature center just behind the school.

Jim Minerich, who volunteers in the nature center and helped served the corn Sept. 20, said it took only 45 minutes for fourth-graders to pick around 1,300 cobs of corn from the nature center.

He added that as he was serving, not one student turned down the corn. Students were allowed to come back for seconds after they finished their other food.

Minerich said the sweet corn growing was a joint effort of the nature center and the PTA as part of the school’s wellness and nutrition program.

The corn had to be replanted twice over the summer after the first planting was washed out by rain, Minerich said. The corn was purposely planted late, in June, so students would get to harvest it.

Last year the school grew green beans, but Minerich said corn was so popular it may be planted again next year.

He also said the school grew so much that some of the corn was given to Sibley Terrace in Pequot Lakes. Kim Wgeishofski, food service staff member at the school, said she cooked around 1,200 half-ears of corn for students Friday.

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