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Racers get to the nitty gritty at Paul Bunyan Extreme 5K

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Racers get to the nitty gritty at Paul Bunyan Extreme 5K

A total of 660 people took the challenge of the Paul Bunyan Extreme 5K Saturday, July 13, at Ski Gull. The race, which wound its way up and down the ski hills, included 16 obstacles along the way.


Racers contended with a long slip-n-slide, tackled with a tube, an ice-cold dumpster of water to wade through, a rope swing, walls to climb and to start it all off, a pool of mud.

The top ten times for the race, according to Pickle Events, are:

1. Nicholas Lang, 16, of Gilbert, AZ, 29:28

2. Nathan Engel, 21, of Plymouth, MN, 30:31

3. Riant Northway, 31, of Lake Shore, 31:24

4. Vanessa Northway, 31, Lake Shore, 31:25

5. Shannon Finnegan, 36, of Baxter, 31:39

6. Eric Opheim, 43, of Walker, 32:11

7. Brandon Turk, 41, of Crosby, 32:29

8. Spencer Elwell, 16, of Foley, 33:00

9. Derrick Frank, 36, of Kimball, 33:05

10. Tristan Borland, 34, Pine River, 34:03