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Students put their minds to work at Camp Invention

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Young inventors gathered at Crosslake Community School last week to participate in Camp Invention, a summer camp centered on science and inventing.

The students participated a variety of activities where they invented contraptions to solve various scenarios involving landscapes from around the world.

In the duck chuck activity, students used recycled objects to create an invention that would fling a rubber duck down the hall in a scenario where they were challenged to send the foreign duck to his homeland.

Students also learned about the mountain K2, and invented a contraption to retrieve their hiking equipment they dropped while scaling the mountain.

In another activity, students learned about the Dead Sea, and then invented a fantasy creature out of craft materials that could live there by expelling salt from its body.

Students also learned about things like longitude and latitude, how caves and crystals form and weather phenomena like sandstorms, tsunamis and hurricanes. For each piece of learning was a challenge to invent.

The week concluded with an inventor’s showcase Friday, June 21, where family and friends were welcome to see what students had been inventing.

The week was sponsored by Pequot Lakes Community Education and the Crosslake Community School PTO.