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Senior volunteer opportunities target many ages

While the Foster Grandparent Program was previously only for volunteers ages 55 or older who normally volunteer between 15-20 hours per week, a new pilot program offered through Lutheran Social Service (LSS) is intended to target Baby Boomers who are willing to commit to 10 volunteer hours a week.

This allows them to become foster grandparents, who serve in area schools, women’s shelters, preschools and Head Start programs, or senior companions, who volunteer on a one-on-one basis with elderly residents in their community.

Marcia Ferris, LSS regional program manager, said the Minnesota Boomer Corps is a program targeting people born between 1946 and 1964, although 25 percent of participants may be older.

Like the Foster Grandparent Program, Boomer Corps volunteers would receive a tax-free stipend of $2.65 per hour and mileage reimbursement of 35 cents per mile. There are no income restrictions. A background check and ongoing training sessions are required.

For more information on the LSS Foster Grandparent Program, the Minnesota Boomer Corps or Senior Companions, visit or contact Ferris at 218-839-6650 or