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Eagle View first graders design delicious houses

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Pineandlakes Echo Journal
Eagle View first graders design delicious houses

Engineering was the name of the game, but candy and frosting were certainly the focus of the activity as Eagle View Elementary School first-graders constructed and decorated gingerbread houses Friday, Dec. 14.

Each student drew a plan for his or her house and a materials list before beginning. The houses were made of cut graham crackers built around empty milk cartons, held together by vanilla frosting.

After creating lists, students gathered materials from a table covered in bowls of assorted candy, marshmallows, sprinkles and pretzels.

The houses had to meet criteria the teachers specified. Each house had to have a door, be between four to six inches tall, have at least one pattern and have three or more different landscaping objects, like a fence, mailbox or tree, among other requirements.