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Break in cold just in time for winter fun

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Just in time for the weekend most of the Lakes Area was treated to relatively warm and sunny days that were perfect for snowshoes in the PR-B School forest.

Robert Remington had scheduled just such an event for Saturday through the local community education office. Attendance could have been better, though Robert said that people had likely not signed up due to the weather the week before when they were bombarded with temperatures and wind chills at -20 degrees or more. Saturday was the perfect day for one of Robert’s favorite winter activities.

“We started out when we went to a class at Deep Portage and learned how to snowshoe. We actually made a set of snowshoes and further on we bought some,” Robert said.

Along with two participants, Robert brought along Renata and Benjamin Remington on a 1.28 mile hike through the PR-B School frisbee golf course, out onto the lake, and back to the school parking lot. Depending on variables, walking a similar distance in the same amount of time would burn only about half the calories, making this a very healthy activity.

The Remingtons have been snowshoeing for about 10 years. Together, the family has learned about the craft including the benefits of different size snowshoes, types of bindings, and use of trekking poles. Robert recommends not buying the cheapest snowshoes on the market.

“You get what you pay for. If you want them to last, look for good materials,” Robert said.

For those who want to try snowshoes but aren’t ready to buy them, the PR-B school has about 30 pairs, a number of which can actually be borrowed by community members.

“I think they’re ordering more. Ours for the school are 5th grade size and up. Then they are ordering more for community ed and the gym for the P.E. teachers,” Renata said.

If you missed this snowshoe trip you are not out of luck yet. There might be another trip at the PR-B school depending on how long the snow lasts. In addition, there will be a guided snowshoe nature hike at Deep Portage Jan. 18 and Feb. 8 and 15.

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