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Second Hackensack National Night Out held inside

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Looming rain clouds threatened the Hackensack National Night out event Tuesday, Aug. 6, but organizers already had the Hackensack Community Center reserved and ready.

Stormy weather to the south cancelled the North Memorial Air Care Team helicopter landing, but this year’s Bike Rodeo, as well as a display of police and fire department vehicles and gear, were still held outside.

Visitors received free grilled hot dogs, chips and a drink. Inside there were various games, demonstrations and booths. The Department of Corrections had a booth to collect photographs, fingerprints and DNA samples from children, while the fire department and first response gave demonstration of medical instruments and distributed kids' plastic fire helmets.

The event is designed to help build stronger and safer communities through community involvement and awareness. It is supported through charitable donations and volunteers.

The Hackensack event is part of a national event held in many communities throughout the country.