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Property maintenance ordinance passes; roads approved for improvements

The Emily City Council hosted a public hearing before its May regular meeting to approve a proposed property maintenance ordinance and an administrative citation ordinance, according to May 13 draft minutes.

The city heard public opinion and was advised by the city attorney before approving both ordinances.

The city also approved roads for improvement and preparation of plans as part of a 2014 road improvement project. The approved roads include Anna Drive, Bloomquist Drive, Blue Lane East, Blue Lane West, Robinson Drive and West Trout Avenue. Roads not approved were Minnie Lake Drive, Trout Avenue and Dahler Avenue.

The council approved an agreement for professional services with engineering firm Short, Elliott and Hendrickson Inc. at a cost of $22,800. The services will include the final design and bidding for street improvements.

In other business, the Emily City Council:

• Approved Joshua Herold as permanent part-time police chief. The council also approved James Patrick and Kevin Combs as members of the Emily Volunteer Fire Department, and Damien Stalker and David Watson as part-time police officers, all pending physical, drug and alcohol testing and background checks.

• Agreed to draft an agreement to allow the police chief to respond to calls using his personal vehicle when needed. The council also approved spending up to $500 to outfit his personal vehicle and approved updating the police squad computer system for up to $3,500.

• Agreed to purchase banners and signage for up to $400 for the watercraft inspection project.

• Approved a one-day liquor license application for St. Emily's Church on Aug. 23 with a fee of $10.

• Approved a charitable gambling license application for the Emily, Outing and Fifty Lakes Lions for a special event Aug. 16, as well as an application for a one-day charitable gambling license the same day.

• Approved advertising for a seasonal part-time maintenance laborer for up to 31 hours per week at a rate of $10 an hour.

• Agreed to increase life insurance for full-time employees to $25,000.

• Tabled discussion on the Verizon agreement and site plans for a proposed cell tower on city property.

• Approved installation of plants and edging at the "Welcome to the City of Emily" sign with volunteer installation not to exceed $350.

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