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Pine River Council agrees to meet with resident on messy yard

The Pine River City Council continued discussion of a residence in city limits known for broken cars and garbage.

The council has discussed actions concerning this same property on many occasions, having once gone through a legal battle to have the property brought up to safety standards for emergency response crews. In the past the council has discussed how they might convince the property owner to clean up the detritus in the yard.

Some options discussed have been certified letters and legal recourse. The property owner was asked to attend a city meeting to discuss the issue, but had to suddenly cancel before attending. The council discussed requesting the resident come to a later city meeting but city attorney Ted Lundrigan on Aug. 13 recommended that someone from the city should go and meet the resident on her terms. A neighbor of the resident said she might be able to arrange a meeting and be present so the resident would feel more comfortable. The council agreed to attempt to meet with the resident. Council member Tamara Hansen volunteered to be the one to meet with her.

Council member Tony Desanto was absent.

In other news, the Pine River City Council:

• Approved use of Forbes Park for the annual Heritage Days Rendezvous event Sept. 5-7. The council also waived the fee.

• Approved a concert in the Pine River Dam Park Aug. 23 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

• Approved a school liaison officer contract with Pine River-Backus School.

• Announced that the Airport Zoning board needs a chair and welcomed applicants.

• Discussed the Pine River Dam project. The council was informed that the "Rock Riffle" dam option previously favored by the council for its cost afforded less control of water flow than the current system, which meant it should no longer be considered. The council then discussed seeking more information on installing systems for hydro power before making any decisions on the preferred dam project. They were told that they would require more research, which would cost more money. Mayor James Sabas requested funding information at the next city planning and zoning meeting.

• Learned that Ted Lundrigan has been Pine River City Attorney 40 years and 10 days.

• Updated the city water meter policy to grant city workers authority to shut off water to properties on the city water systems if they are denied access to water meters in the regular operation of their jobs. This policy update was proposed during the July meeting of the city council, but the council failed to vote on it before moving on.

• Approved an off-sale liquor license for JR's No. 19 so that JR's No. 19 Hillbilly Wine and barbecue sauce infused beer produced specifically for JR's can be sold at the store. Owner Ryan Nelson specified that he did not intend to go into serious liquor sales, but would like to just sell the beer and wine he has produced and labeled specifically for his business. Mayor Sabas reminded the council that if Nelson or his business later sells alcohol not mentioned, they have the authority to not renew the license in future years. The council approved the request.

• Approved a gambling permit allowing Delta Waterfowl to sell raffle tickets.