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Pequot Lakes community action group forms

Individuals and businesses in Pequot Lakes are recruiting members for a non-profit community action group with a primary goal of fundraising.

The group is modeled after the Brainerd community action group. The Pequot Lakes group was founded out of a desire to provide support, primarily financial support, to special events and projects in Pequot Lakes.

The community action group specifically wants to support the Miss Pequot Lakes Scholarship Pageant, the annual Pet Parade and the Santa’s Bobbin’ Into Town event.

“We need funds to help promote these things,” said Barb Merritt, group vice president.

Another project the group would like to raise money for is streetlight banners for Pequot Lakes.

“We’re just hoping that this can grow into a nice, large group that can help people and help the town,” Merritt said.

In addition to gathering funds, the Pequot Lakes community action group is hoping to find and recruit people to help with projects and events.

“We would love volunteers,” said Kimberly Ziesemer, group president.

It is also considering pursuing some type of project that could help families in need, perhaps during the holiday season.

Membership in the community action group is open to individuals as well as businesses, and local residence is not required.

“This group is an overarching group to help support the community, and members can be businesses, they can be individuals, they can be families, they can be out of the area — just people who come and live in Pequot for the summer,” said Nancy Adams, Pequot Lakes mayor.

The community action group is a different entity from the chamber of commerce with a different focus, said Mark Jurchen, member of both the chamber and community action.

“The community action group is probably going to be looking at more of collecting funds primarily for certain projects in town,” Jurchen said.

The community action group will be less focused on businesses than the chamber.

“The community action group is probably going to be a little less politically involved. It’s primarily for events and projects that are focused on enhancing the community,” Jurchen said.

“It’s all really a cooperative type of situation with two groups that have different events and different projects that are in mind,” he added.

Membership in the Pequot Lakes community action group is $25 and is open to any individual, family or business.

“It’s a very inexpensive way to support the community,” Adams said.

Interested individuals can email The group hopes to have membership applications available soon at Merritt Jewelers and the Pequot Lakes Library.