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Patriots sweep titles at TDS meet

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The Pequot Lakes girls and boys track and field teams took advantage of their home course as they combined to win 18 events and sweep both team titles at the TDS Invitational on Friday, May 16, at Pequot Lakes High School.

The Patriot boys compiled 152 points while Little Falls was second with 125 while the Pequot Lakes girls finished with 209 points while Pillager was second with 121.

Chase Blaeser won both hurdle events while teammate Tyler Tappe won the 200 dash and pole vault for the Patriots. Blaeser, Cole Funk, CJ Borleis and Tappe also won the 4x100 relay.

“The TDS meet is a warm up for the lineup we want to see at subsections,” said Pequot Lakes boys’ coach Dave Guenther. “It also gives all the kids a chance to participate and try some different combinations. We did have had some injury issues and some sickness so some of our key athletes were not able to participate.”

Guenther was happy to see the return of Isaac Allen, who has battled illness most of the season.

“Isaac is one of our top performers, but he is still weak from illness,” he said. “We hope he can make some recovery before the subsections (on Thursday). Jere Dishinger will also play an important part, and we hope to have him in the lineup. We are not a deep team so when one or two guys are missing it hurts.

“Our throwers, like Travis Jacobson and Keegan Johnson, are doing well. And Tyler (Tappe) cleared 15 feet in the pole vault at the conference meet (May 13). I’m glad to see him hit that mark.”

Event winners for the Pequot Lakes girls were Vanessa Lane, in the 100 and 200 dashes; Ellie Erholtz, shot put; Lyndsey Johnson, high jump; Grace McGuire, 400 dash; and Jackie Brine-Doyle, 3,200. The Patriots also won all four girls’ relays - Rachel Allen, Chloe Bermel, Sarah Rudlang and Lane in the 4x100; Allen, Brittny Bzdok, McGuire and Rudlang in the 4x200; McGuire, Lyndsey Johnson, Rudlang and Bermel in the 4x400; and Brine-Doyle, Elsa Headlee, Kristin Skog and Caitie Ryan in the 4x800.

“We had a super night of track and field,” said Patriot girls’ coach Jana Lueck. “Our girls are tough to beat on the track and in the throwing events.”

The Pine River-Backus boys placed sixth while the Tiger girls were eighth. PR-B’s Henry Krecklau won the long jump while the Tigers’ Megan Porta triumphed in the discus and the long jump.

“Both (Krecklau and Porta) have been strong and consistent in their events all year,” said PR-B coach Tom Demars. “I expect them both to have good showings at the subsection.”

The Patriots and Tigers will both compete in the Subsection 6A meet on Thursday, May 22, at Pequot Lakes.

“A few of our section teams were here and we got a good glimpse of where we could stand in our subsection and section,” Lueck said of the TDS Invitational. “Our weather we have had has really taken its toll on our field events. We are getting in more practice time lately, but we will need a little more time to be ready for subsections.”

Boys team scores: 1-Pequot Lakes 152, 2-Little Falls 125, 3-Crosby-Ironton 106.5, 4-Pelican Rapids 90, 5-Walker-Hackensack-Akeley 68, 6-Pine River-Backus 63.5, 7-Pillager 49, 8-Staples-Motley 26

110 hurdles: 1-Chase Blaeser (PL) 18.14, 4-Kale Wurdeman (PL) 18.80, 5-Reid Pierzinski (PL) 19.16; 6-Hunter Goerges (PL) 20.80; 7-Jordan Carpenter (PL) 22.26

300 hurdles: 1-Blaeser (PL) 43.74, 3-Wurdeman (PL) 44.39, 5-Georges (PL) 48.82; 7-Bryce Wolske (PR-B) 50.64; 11-Joe Najjar (PL) 58.49

100 dash: 2-Henry Krecklau (PRB) 11.97, 5-Cole Funk (PL) 12.22; 7-Isaac Allen (PL) 12.50; 10-Caleb Bermel (PL) 12.70; 12-Cody Huss (PL) 12.94; 15-Angelo Tweed (PL) 13.00; 17-Wolske (PR-B) 13.15; 19-Dustin Northenscold (PR-B) 13.29

200 dash: 1-Tyler Tappe (PL) 23.64, 3-Krecklau (PR-B) 24.00, 5-Tyler Bestgen (PR-B) 24.69; 6-CJ Borleis (PL) 24.83; 8-Will Middleton (PL) 25.76; 13-Tweed (PL) 26.81; 14-Karl Brine-Doyle (PL) 27.17; 15-Northenscold (PL) 27.27

400 dash: 3-Shane Sepin (PRB) 53.81; 7-Dillon Nichols (PL) 56.41; 11-Reid Pierzinski (PL) 58.29; 15-Troy Fetter (PL) 1:02.55; 18-Chris Foster (PL) 1:06.19; 20-Josh Sweeney (PR-B) 1:08.29

800 run: 8-Levi Palmer (PL) 2:19.19; 11-Shawn Gerdes (PL) 2:27.74; 14-Dylan Hendrickson (PR-B) 2:30.94; 15-Ben Remington (PR-B) 2:31.89

1600 run: 6-Erik Olson (PL) 5:00.38; 8-Konrad Bueckers (PR-B) 5:03.25; 10-Jacob Tschida (PL) 5:16.10; 15-Nick Leifield (PL) 5:31.17; 16-Dalton Engholm (PL) 5:36.49; 18-Marty Fitzer (PL) 5:37.14

3200 run: 4-TJ Lukanen (PRB) 11:07.75, 5-Tony Fitzer (PL) 11:16.73; 6-Seth Golden (PL) 11:26.10; 8-Troy Fetter (PR-B) 11:58.52; 10-Matt Hanson (PL) 14:27.90

4x100 relay: 1-Pequot Lakes (Blaeser, Funk, Borleis, Tappe) 46.33

4x200 relay: 3-Pine River-Backus (Krecklau, Sepin, Bestgen, T.J. Lukanen) 1:37.06; 6-Pequot Lakes (Tweed, Ozzie Miller, Huss, Bermel) 1:42.31

4x800 relay: 3-Pequot Lakes (Nichols, Palmer, Seth Golden, Olson) 9:03.55, 5-Pine River-Backus (Lukanen, Bueckers, Dylan Hendrickson, Troy Fetter) 9:33.30

Shot put: 2-Travis Jacobson (PL) 53-2; 6-Keegan Johnson (PL) 42-9; 14-Jon Bocklund (PL) 36-8.5; 17-Chris Foster (PL) 34-2; 19-Wolske (PR-B) 34-0; 23-Anthony Kegg (PR-B) 33-3.5; 25-Remington (PR-B) 32-3.5

Discus: 2-Jacobson (PL) 133-4, 4-Johnson (PL) 130-10.5; 8-Bocklund (PL) 101-7.5; 11-Hank Steffen (PR-B) 97-1; 17-Haiden Rothwell (PL) 88-2; 18-Remington (PR-B) 87-7; 19-Kegg (PR-B) 86-9; 23-Jack White (PL) 79-6; 24-Foster (PL) 78-4

Long jump: 1-Krecklau (PR-B) 19-8, 5-Funk (PL) 18-2; 8-Borleis (PL) 17-9; 14-Bermel (PL) 16-1.5; 19-Tweed (PL) 15-1; 21-Sweeney (PR-B) 14-2

Triple jump: 3-Sepin (PRB) 38-11.5; 7-Goerges (PL) 36-0; 11-Pierzinski (PL) 35-2; 12-Bueckers (PR-B) 34-11; 15-Fetter (PR-B) 33-6.5; 21-Sweeney (PR-B) 24-10

High jump: 3-Funk (PL) 5-6, 4-Bestgen (PR-B) 5-4; 7-Goerges (PL) 5-2

Pole vault: 1-Tappe (PL) 14-6, 2-Wurdeman (PL) 10-6; 6-Blaeser (PL) 9-6; 8-Brine-Doyle (PL) 9-0

Girls team scores: 1-Pequot Lakes 209, 2-Pillager 121, 3-Little Falls 94, 4-Pelican Rapids 62, 5-Walker-Hackensack-Akeley 56, 6-Staples-Motley 55, 7-Crosby-Ironton 43, 8-Pine River-Backus 25

100 hurdles: 3-Ashley Kosloski (PL) 17.92, 5-Samantha Littman (PL) 18.23; 10-Karli Skog (PL) 19.42; 11-Coleen Tschida (PL) 19.95; 13-Oliva Lane (PL) 20.23; 15-Alexis Johnson (PR-B) 22.49

300 hurdles: 3-Littman (PL) 51.70, 5-Kosloski (PL) 54.85; 7-Tschida (PL) 56.61; 9-Karli Skog (PL) 59.35; 12-Eloise Gitchell (PL) 1:06.43

100 dash: 1-Vanessa Lane (PL) 12.56, 2-Chloe Bermel (PL) 13.10, 3-Rachel Allen (PL) 13.20; 8-Candyce Spielman (PL) 14.27; 9-Megan Porta (PR-B) 14.42; 16-Jasmine Danielowski (PL) 14.77; 25-Bailee Roggenkamp (PL) 15.65

200 dash: 1-Lane (PL) 26.35, 3-Brittny Bzdok (PL) 28.96; 81-Mariah Rubel (PL) 30:86; 9-Spielman (PL) 31.04; 11-Jasmine Danielson (PL) 31.27; 12-Desera Engholm (PL) 32.01; 15-Mackenzie Chiodi (PL) 33.02; 17-Autumn Crawford (PR-B) 33.55

400 dash: 1-Grace McGuire (PL) 1:01.61; 7-Lyndsey Johnson (PL) 1:06.23; 8-Kristin Skog (PL) 1:07.03; 9-Mariah Rubel (PL) 1:09.57; 114-Mackenzie Chiodi (PL) 1:15.23

800 run: 3-Catie Ryan (PL) 2:34.65; 7-Jannah Hall (PL) 2:53.44; 10-Dotty (PL) 3:02.84; 13-Alyssa Golden (PL) 3:24.22

1600 run: 5-Elsa Headlee (PL) 6:00.84; 9-Hall (PL) 6:16.29; 10-Macy Doty (PL) 6:29.03

3200 run: 1-Jackie Brine-Doyle (PL) 12:53.10, 3-Alyssa Young (PL) 13:36.37

4x100 relay: 1-Pequot Lakes (Rachel Allen, Bermel, Sarah Rudlang, Lane) 51.05

4x200 relay: 1-Pequot Lakes (Allen, Bzdok, McGuire, Rudlang) 1:50.58

4x400 relay: 1-Pequot Lakes (McGuire, Lyndsey Johnson, Rudlang, Bermel) 4:16.83

4x800 relay: 1-Pequot Lakes (Jackie Brine-Doyle, Headlee, Kristin Skog, Caitie Ryan) 10:39.20

Shot put: 1-Ellie Erholtz (PL) 34-03.50, 4-Debbie Mitchell (PL) 29-09.50, 5-Megan Porta (PR-B) 29-08; 6-Desera Engholm (PL) 29-5.5; 9-Caitie Ryan (PL) 28-5.5; 22-Roggenkamp (PL) 19-10

Discus: 1-Porta (PR-B) 106-07.50, 2-Erholtz (PL) 98-05.50, 3-Bzdok (PL) 95-10, 4-Brianna Anick (PL) 90-00.50; 6-Ryan (PL) 87-8; 13-Engholm (PL) 74-9; 21-Mitchell (PL) 65-6.5

Long jump: 1-Porta (PR’B) 15-03, 4-Rudlang (PL) 14-04.50; 6-Littman (PL) 13-9.75; 7-Karli Skog (PL) 13-8.25; 15-Autumn Crawford (PR-B) 12-2.5

Triple jump: 8-McGuire (PL) 28-11; 9-Skog (PL) 28-8.25

High jump: 1-Lyndsey Johnson (PL) 4-8

Pole vault: 3-Alyssa Golden (PL) 7-0; 8-Tschida (PL) 6-0; 9-Hall (PL) 5-0

Patriots girls 2nd, boys 3rd

On Tuesday, May 13, Lane won the 100 dash and was runner-up in the 200 while Ellie Erholtz won the discus as the Patriots finished second at the Mid-State Conference meet at Pequot Lakes.

In the boys meet, Cole Funk won the 100 dash, Travis Jacobson paced the shot put and Tyler Tappe was first in the pole vault with a 15-foot leap to help Pequot Lakes place third.

Boys team scores: 1-Detroit Lakes 151, 2-Park Rapids Area 124.5, 3-Pequot Lakes 110.5, 4-Crosby-Ironton 73, 5-Staples-Motley 62, 6-Wadena-Deer Creek 34

Pequot Lakes individual results:

110 hurdles: 3-Chase Blaeser 18.16; 5-Kale Wurdeman 19.56; 6-Hunter Goerges 20.43

300 hurdles: 2-Blaeser 44.37; 6-Goerges 47.71; 7-Wurdeman 49.15

100 dash: 1-Cole Funk 12.04; 6-Jeremiah Dischinger 12.56; 8-Caleb Bermel 12.81

200 dash: 5-Dillon Nichols 25.53; 9-Bermel 26.17; 11-Dischinger 26.5

400 dash: 6-Nichols 54.95; 12-Angelo Tweed 59.18

800 run: 9-Levi Palmer 2:21.03; 12-Dalton Engholm 2:24.27

1600 run: 8-Erik Olson 5:07.18; 11-Jacob Tschida 5:17.5

3200 run: 6-Tony Fitzer 11:21.62; 7-Seth Golden 11:36.99; 11-Marty Fitzer 12:24.64

4x100 relay: 1-Pequot Lakes (Blaeser, Funk, CJ Borleis, Tyler Tappe) 46.24

4x200 relay: 4-Pequot Lakes (Cody Huss, Dischinger, Bermel, Borleis) 1:40.08

4x400 relay: 4-Pequot Lakes (Nichols, Ozzy Miller, Borleis, Tappe) 3:40.01

4x800 relay: 3-Pequot Lakes (Eric Olson, Levi Palmer, Golden, Tony Fitzer) 9:10.3

Shot put: 1-Travis Jacobson 51-04; 2-Keegan Johnson 48-6.5; 9-Jon Bocklund 33-11

Discus: 2-Johnson 135-2; 3-Jacobson 124-1; 6-Bocklund 108-1.5

Long jump: 4-Funk 17-11; 5-Tappe 17-5; 9-Blaeser 15-11.5

Triple jump: 6-Reid Pierzinski 35-4; 7-Hunter Goerges 35-3; 10-Dischinger 33-4.5

High jump: 7-Bermel 5-0

Pole vault: 1-Tappe 15-00; 5-Karl Brine-Doyle 9-0; 7-Wurdeman 9-0

Girls team scores: 1-Detroit Lakes 194, 2-Pequot Lakes 139, 3-Park Rapids Area 100, 4-Staples-Motley 66, 5-Wadena-Deer Creek 42, 6-Crosby-Ironton 16

Pequot Lakes individual results:

100 hurdles: 6-Ashley Kosloski 18.31; 7-Samantha Littman 18.42; 10-Karli Skog 19.3

300 hurdles: 5-Littman 52.04; 10-Colleen Tschida 54.81; 13-Kosloski 56.21

100 dash: 1-Vanessa Lane 12.56; 3-Chloe Bermel 13.37; 5-Rachel Allen 13.57

200 dash: 2-Lane 26.41; 5-Sarah Rudlang 28.03; 8-Candyce Spielman 30.88

400 dash: 2-Grace McGuire 1:02.38; 5-Lyndsey Johnson 1:06; 7-Brittny Bzdok 1:07.12

800 run: 2-Caitie Ryan 2:38.82; 3-Skog 2:40.54; 9-Jannah Hall 2:50.31

1600 run: 6-Headlee 6:02.6; 9-Hall 6:15.62; 12-Macy Dotty 6:26.38

3200 run: 3-Jackie Brine-Doyle 12:55.85; 11-Alyssa Young 13:59.52; 12-Dotty 14:05.48

4x100 relay: 1-Pequot Lakes (Allen, Bermel, Rudlang, Lane) 50.08

4x200 relay: 2-Pequot Lakes (Allen, Bzdok, McGuire, Rudlang) 1:51.45

4x400 relay: 1-Pequot Lakes (McGuire, Lyndsey Johnson, Ryan, Bermel) 4:17.40

4x800 relay: 2-Pequot Lakes (Brine-Doyle, Headlee, Skog, Ryan) 10:53.90

Shot put: 2-Ellie Erholtz 35-11; 6-Ryan 30-3.5; 9-Debbie Mitchell 27-9

Discus: 1-Erholtz 114-02.5; 3-Brianna Anick 96-9.5; 10-Bzdok 81-5.5

Long jump: 3-Rudlang 13-11.5; 10-Skog 12-7

Triple jump: 8-McGuire 28-4; 10-Bermel 26-11; 12-Skog 25-6.5

High jump: 2-Lyndsey Johnson 4-10

Pole vault: 6-Alyssa Golden 7-0; 9-Tschida 5-0