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Patriots defend Section 6A girls’ title

The Pequot Lakes girls’ track team won its third consecutive Section 6A title on Thursday, May 29, at Minnesota State University, Moorhead. Team members include: front row from left, Sarah Rudlang, Vanessa Lane, Ellie Erholtz and Caitie Ryan; middle row, Lyndsey Johnson, Karli Skog, Macy Dotty, Rachel Allen, Brianna Anick, Jackie Brine-Doyle and Chloe Bermel; back row, Sam Littman, Elsa Headlee, Kristin Skog, Debra Mitchell, Brittny Bzdok, Candyce Spielman, Grace McGuire, Ashley Kosloski and Jannah Hall.

Lane qualifies for Class A state meet in four events

Pequot Lakes’ Vanessa won three events and was runner-up in another to help the Patriot girls defend their Section 6A track and field title on Thursday, May 29, at Minnesota State University, Moorhead.

Lane won the 100- and 200-meter dashes, while finishing second in the long jump, and also teaming with Rachel Allen, Chloe Bermel and Sarah Rudlang to win the 4x100 relay. Also winning an event title and qualifying for state from the Patriots was Ellie Erholtz in the discus. Those finishes helped Pequot Lakes triumph with 89 points while Osakis was second with 67.

“I’m so proud of what everyone did today,” Lane said of her team. “We have all worked so hard over the track season even though it was shortened by weather. Our girls repeated as section champions, which shows how continuously strong our track program is. I can’t wait to see what results the state meet will bring.”

The top two section finishers for each individual event and the top two relays all advance to the Class A state meet on Friday and Saturday, June 6-7, at Hamline University in St. Paul. Runners-up who advance to state from Pequot Lakes were Bermel, 100 dash; Erholtz, shot put; and the 4x200 relay of Grace McGuire, Lyndsey Johnson, Rudlang and Bermel.

Pine River-Backus tied for 20th place with eight points. No girls from the Tigers advance to state, although Megan Porta just missed with third-place finishes in the discus and placing fifth in the shot put.

PL boys finish third

Ottertail Central won the boys’ team title with 135 while Perham was second with 81 and Pequot Lakes third with 64. PR-B was ninth with 18.

Pequot Lakes’ Travis Jacobson won the shot put and discus titles while Tyler Tappe was the pole vault champion. Also advancing to state with runner-up finishes for the Patriots were the 4x100 relay of Chase Blaeser, Cole Funk, Isaac Allen and Tappe.

“Tyler (Tappe) goes back to state in the pole vault, and hopefully will have a great finish to his career,” Pequot Lakes boys’ coach Dave Guenther said of the senior, who was a state runner-up in the pole vault last year. Travis (Jacobson) also did well in winning the shot and discus.

“It was nice to see our 4x100 team going back to state. Isaac (Allen) and Tyler (Tappe) have been on this relay at state for the past four years so it was good to see them make it back for their senior years. Cole (Funk) and Chase (Blaeser) also did a great job on the relay.”

Just missing a state berth for Pequot Lakes were Keegan Johnson, who placed third in both the shot put and discus, and Tappe, third in the 200.

“Keegan (Johnson) was in second place in the discus but lost out by inches to a thrower from Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale in the final flight,” Guenther said. “Then in shot put Keegan was in the lead going into the final round when Travis (Jacobson) and a kid from Ottertail Central both passed him. Keegan has worked so hard all year and has done so well, we all wanted him to make it to the state.”

Representing PR-B at state will be the runner-up 4x200 team of Henry Krecklau, Shane Sepin, Jacob Harper and Tyler Bestgen.

“We really didn’t have everyone in the (4x200) lineup at the same time until the subsection,” said PR-B coach Tom Demars, “but all are consistent runners. It’s nice to see them make it to state. It has probably been more than 10 years since (PR-B) has had a boys’ relay go to state.”

Section 6A

Boys team scores: (24 teams) 1-Ottertail Central 135, 2-Perham 81, 3-Pequot Lakes 64, 4-Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley 55, 5-Staples-Motley 35, 6-West Central 32, 7-Long Prairie-GE 25, 8-Pelican Rapids 24, 9-Pine River-Backus 18, 10-Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 16, 11-Benson 13, 12-Wadena-Deer Creek and Minnewaska 12, 14-Morris 11, 15-Osakis 8, 16-Browerville 6, 17-Pillager, Hillcrest Lutheran, Breckenridge 2; 20-United North Central, Rothsay, Prairie Valley, Ashby-BE, Sauk Centre 1

110 hurdles: 1-Brody Wangsness (WDC) 16.22; 5-Chase Blaeser (PL) 17.89; 11-Reid Pierzinski (PL) 18.95

300 hurdles: 1-Cormick Combellick (CGB) 41.37; 4-Blaeser (PL) 43.8; 7-Kale Wurdeman (PL) 45.82

100 dash: 1-Jack Schultenover (Mwk) 11.95; 5-Henry Krecklau (PRB) 5.71

200 dash: 1-Austin Maanum (CGB) 24.02; 3-Tyler Tappe (PL) 24.27; 6-Krecklau (PRB) 24.68’ 11-Shane Sepin (PRB) 25.19; 14-Tyler Bestgen (PRB) 25.5

400 dash: 1-Maanum (CGB) 50.97, 4-Sepin (PRB) 53.32; 9-Dillon Nichols (PL) 55.29

800 run: 1-Jason Montonye (CGB) 2:00.36

1600 run: 1-Keeghan Hurley (Phm) 4:22.54; 12-Erik Olson (PL) 5:03.12

3200 run: 1-Hurley (Phm) 9:59.18; 6-TJ Lukanen (PRB) 10:56.9; 11-Tony Fitzer (PL) 11:27.63

4x100 relay: 1-Ottertail Central 45.20, 2-Pequot Lakes (Blaeser, Cole Funk, Isaac Allen, Tappe) 45.22; 8-PR-Backus (Dakota Martin, Mitchell Wynn, Jacob Harper, Bestgen) 48.08

4x200 relay: 1-Ottertail Central 1:33.48; 2-PR-Backus (Krecklau, Sepin, Harper, Bestgen) 1:34.7

4x400 relay: 1-Ottertail Central 3:34.54, 5-Pequot Lakes (Nichols, CJ Borleis, Wurdeman, Tappe) 3:41.24

4x800 relay: 1-Perham 8:25.08; 8-Pequot Lakes (Hunter Goerges, Seth Golden, Levi Palmer, Erik Olson) 9:03.97

Shot put: 1-Travis Jacobson (PL) 51-05; 3-Keegan Johnson (PL) 46-3

Discus: 1-Jacobson (PL) 142-09; 3-Johnson (PL) 141-3

Long jump: 1-Tony Ukkelberg (OC) 21-09; 7-Krecklau (PRB) 19-8.5; 8-Harper (PRB) 19-5; 10-Borleis (PL) 18-6; 14-Funk (PL) 15-1

Triple jump: 1-Ukkelberg (OC) 44-01; 5-Sepin (PRB) 40-5; 14-Konrad Bueckers (PRB) 35-11

High jump: 1-Dan Schack (WC) 6-05; 7-Funk (PL) 5-9; 10-Bestgen (PL) 5-9

Pole vault: 1-Tappe (PL) 14-06; 10-Wurdeman (PL) 9-7

Girls team scores: (24 teams) 1-Pequot Lakes 89, 2-Osakis 67, 3-Ashby/Brandon/Evansville 51, 4-Staples-Motley 38, 5-Perham 34, 6-Long Prairie/Grey Eagle 32, 7-Morris 26, 8-Pillager 25, 9-West Central 24, 10-United North Central and New York Mills 20, 12-Benson 17, 13-Wadena-Deer Creek 16, 14-Pelican Rapids 14, 16-Ottertail Central 12, 17-Minnewaska 11, 18-Breckenridge and Sauk Centre 10, 20-Pine River-Backus and Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 8, 22-Prairie Valley 6, Upsala/Swanville 5; 24-Hillcrest Lutheran 1

100 hurdles: 1-Jaelin Beachy (SM) 15.99; 8-Samantha Littman (PL) 18:43; 9-Ashley Koslowski (PL) 18.44

300 hurdles: 1-Beachy (SM) 47.81, 2-Kasey Willis (BHV) 49.04

100 dash: 1-Vanessa Lane (PL) 13.19, 2-Chloe Bermel (PL) 13.62; 5-Rachel Allen (PL) 14.03

200 dash: 1-Lane (PL) 27.02; 15-Brittny Bzdok (PL) 29.54

400 dash: 1-Lydia Rutten (NYM) 1:00.72; 3-Grace McGuire (PL) 1:01.85

800 run: 1-Andrea Korvela (UNC) 2:24.90; 9-Caitie Ryan (PL) 2:33.09

1600 run: 1-Madison Greenwaldt (SC) 5:36.53; 10-Elsa Headlee (PL) 6:12.6; 13-Jannah Hall (PL) 6:13.72

3200 run: 1-Abby Van Kempen (WC) 12:23.83; 4-Jackie Brine-Doyle (PL) 12:50.58

4x100 relay: 1-Pequot Lakes (Allen, Chloe Bermel, Sarah Rudlang, Lane) 50.39

4x200 relay: 1-Osakis 1:46.86; 4-Pequot Lakes (Allen, McGuire, Brittny Bzdok, Rudlang) 1:50.45

4x400 relay: 1-Osakis 4:08.82, 2-Pequot Lakes (McGuire, Lyndsey Johnson, Rudlang, Bermel) 4:09

4x800 relay: 1-Osakis 10:04.23; 8-Pequot Lakes (Brine-Doyle, Kristin Skog, Headlee, Ryan) 10:52.38

Shot put: 1-Hannah Ricard (BKMS) 36-09, 2-Ellie Erholtz (PL) 35-06; 5-Megan Porta (PRB) 33-8; 13-Debbie Mitchell (PL) 29-6.5

Discus: 1-Erholtz (PL) 112-06; 3-Porta (PRB) 111-1; 6-Brianna Anick (PL) 99-1

Long jump: 1-Caroline Jansen (AB) 16-11, 2-Lane (PL) 16-05.5; 7-Rudlang (PL) 15-9.5; 14-Porta (PRB) 14-5.75

Triple jump: 1-Jansen (AB) 36-09.25

High jump: 1-Michaela Hesse (UNC) 5-05

Pole vault: 1-Millie Klefsaas (SM) 10-02