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Meet the North Stars

While working part time at Breezy Point Resort I was introduced to a couple of hockey players who also work part time at the resort. I started to ask questions before realizing that maybe there are other people in the area who would like to ask the junior hockey players questions.

Questions about their home towns, how do they like the area and the program, and questions about what is in their futures. The players were most friendly and cooperative in their answers.

Breezy Point Resort acquired a franchise for a team in the North American 3 Hockey League (Tier lll League). The program for players 20 years and younger is for those who may want to go on to the next step in hockey which may be in college or a higher level junior program.

Head coach Brian Hendricks said, "We have a zero tolerance for tobacco, liquor and having girls in the dorms. When we recruited we were looking for good hockey players with good character, and we have been very pleased with who we recruited for the North Stars."

When asked about his thoughts on the program so far he said, "The resort and Mr. Spizzo have been great and have given us the support we need for building up the program.”

Of the players who were polled most stated that they liked the area. “It’s a very relaxing area,” said Kyle from Illinois.

Connor Cooley said that the area is a nice small town, a big change from his home town of Simi Valley, CA. Many stated, when asked if they liked it here in Breezy Point, that they enjoy living in the dorm with teammates from different areas and that the people in the area are very friendly. And an answer that almost all of them answered the same was that they enjoyed the fans but would like more excitement and noise from the crowd.

Kyle Whipple is from Chelsea, Mich., and is a forward on the team. He has been playing hockey since he was five years old and would like to continue playing.

Austin Clive of Des Plaines , Ill., started playing hockey 13 years ago and played AA midget hockey and won the state championship. He wants to play hockey until he can’t anymore. Clive wants to go unto college in business or science.

Crosby Steen is from Moorhead. He has played hockey for 14 years and would like to play either juniors or move to college next year.

Spencer Bajko is from East Jordan, and would like to continue with juniors again next year. “I learned to surf in Florida last year and I love it,” he said.

Brandan Adler is from Bloomington, Ill. He would like to continue with hockey either in juniors or go on to college to major in physical therapy.

Jake Taylor is from Onalaska, Wis., and has played for 14 years. He would like to go on to college in marketing or maybe become a pilot.

Nick Shear is from Gaylord, Mich., who would like to continue playing juniors or move up to a better level. College is also a goal of his majoring in natural resources.

From north of the border, Rainy River, Ontario, Canada, is Bryson Jasper. He played high school hockey in Lake of the Woods. He too would like to go on playing juniors or go on to college.

Defenseman Connor Cooley is from Simi Valley, Ca. He would like to continue playing hockey then go on to college in architecture or engineering.

Joey Santelli traveled here from Chicago, Ill., and plans to go on to college majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He has a brother and sister who both play high school hockey.

Erikar Arnason of Toconite was asked about his future in hockey. "I never imagined it any other way,” he said. Arnason also plays the violin.

Another Minnesota native is Jared Naeve of Park Rapids. Last year he was in college and coached squirt hockey.

“I lke the country and plan to live around Minnesota," Naeve said. "I like to hunt and fish every chance I get.”

From Winnipeg, Canada, is Turk Scatliff. He would like to go on to play hockey.

Another player from California is Anthony Martinez. He too would like to go on to either play in the NAHL or in college majoring in business.

From Elmhurst, Ill., is Tyler Reichl who would like to continue playing by moving up in the juniors or in college.

“My grandfather coached and my dad played semi-pro," he said.

Kyle Eberwein came all the way from Island Lake, Ill. wants to go on and play in college.

“I love the fans that come out to support us,” Eberwein said.