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East Gull Lake City Council discusses duplexes and home rental

The East Gull Lake City Council approved changes to city ordinances regarding duplexes, according to draft minutes of the July meeting.

Changes to the duplex ordinance include language allowing the duplexes to be used long term for family members or short term for guests of the family occupying the primary dwelling unit on the premises. Updates also specified that units could be used for long-term rentals subject to other allowances in the city ordinances.

The council also discussed city ordinances that previously allowed homeowners to rent their property four times each year for an undefined length of time. Council members decided not to change this procedure.

Furthermore, the council addressed issues with outdated grease tanks at Ernie’s on Gull. Discussion of the grease tanks came about because of efforts to re-evaluate Equivalent Residential Connection (ERC) counts that determine wastewater charges for homes and businesses.

“We are bringing that up to speed with their current seating and current capacities. At the same time, because there will be additional charges for the restaurant, we looked at how we might be able to upgrade some of their tanks, which are theirs. Because we’re trying to upgrade and do other things, we are trying to make it better so the grease doesn’t get into the city system,” said City Administrator Rob Mason.

Ernie’s on Gull requires special consideration when it comes to installing new grease tanks because it is located on a high water table.

In other business, the East Gull Lake Council:

• Discussed striping for sections of Green Gables Road, Squaw Point Road, Gull Dam Road and Bass Lake Road. Mason will seek a second quote for the project.

• Decided to contract with the Pillager Fire Department for fire coverage. East Gull Lake formerly contracted with the Brainerd Fire Department, but had little control over contract costs. Nisswa was also considered for the contract, but Mason said Pillager was cost effective and had proven to offer quality services in the past.

• Learned the Cass County Sheriff’s Department responded quickly to complaints issued to the city of speeding on Green Gables Road by installing an electronic speed limit sign and adding additional patrols to the area to increase awareness.