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Crow Wing County releases People's Report

Crow Wing County released Volume 2 of the People's Report, which is accessible on the county's website at

Using a graphics-based, multi-media approach, the report highlights service results reflecting the broad cross-section of contributions of the governing board, employees, volunteers and citizens to helping Crow Wing County achieve its vision of being Minnesota's favorite place.

Crow Wing County has been working hard to serve well, deliver value and drive results.

"It's not good enough anymore to just muddle along," said county board chair Rosemary Franzen. "We want the best service we can get at the lowest cost possible. When we work together, with community partners, we can achieve more and lower costs. We've demonstrated how to do this and this report highlights some of those efforts. This isn't just about what we and our staff could do alone; it's about what we can all do to make this community the best it can be."

After reading the report, Crow Wing County encourages citizens to share what they thought. Also on the County's webpage is a tab "CWC Listens" to provide comments on this or any other topic of concern to a citizen about Crow Wing County.