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County seeks help to make sure E911 is working effectively

Crow Wing County is requesting assistance to ensure its E911 system continues to work effectively by allowing emergency responders to quickly locate those in need of emergency assistance.

Installed on more than 25,000 parcels, the blue E911 address sign system relies upon the property owners to maintain the signs once installed. Help keep the system effective by keeping the sign visible at all times and removing vegetation, debris, snow and other intrusions.

If the sign is damaged or removed, contact the Land Services Department at218-824-1125 to assist in getting a new sign installed. Under the county sign ordinance, E911 address signs or road signs cannot be altered, defaced, removed or moved. Failure to comply can result in enforcement action through the sheriff's office.

Crow Wing County government serves more than 60,000 full-time residents in an area covering nearly 1,000 square miles. There are more than 75,000 parcels with more than 25,000 E911 address signs.

"Crow Wing County considers the safety of its residents and our guests a top priority," said Chris Pence, Land Services supervisor. "Proper maintenance of E911 signs is vital to ensuring emergency vehicles are able to locate folks quickly and efficiently."

Crow Wing County moved to the enhanced E911 address system between 1998 and 2001, when streets were given unique names and a county grid was established for assigning E911 address numbers. New address assignments average 200 per year as requested through permits involving new construction or placement of permanent structures on parcels.

While the physical E911 address and sign is an important feature of the process, the system also selectively routes public safety calls through a specialized data base and Geographic Information System map. The routing of this information allows emergency response teams such as law enforcement, fire, ambulance and other emergency providers the ability to save valuable time to find residences when that can mean life or death.