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Bridge Scores 071714

Monday, July 7

Jenkins VFW, 11 a.m.

Dale Dickie, 6580; Norma Ostberg, 5460; Dan Huff,5410.

Tuesday, July 8

Whitefish Golf Course, 6 p.m.

Duplicate: North/South, Dale Dickie and Marijane Pearce, 109; Lois Steffen and Charles Ready, 104.5; Lorraine Northagen and Helen McGrath, 99.5.

East/West, Shirley Rinehart and Florence DeLong, 119; Chris and Diana Brown, 109; Fay Miller and Bruce Peck, 105.

Wednesday, July 9

Maucieri's, 11 a.m.

Chet Fowler, 7670; Florence DeLong, 7220; Bruce Peck, 6050; Rose Ann Stans, 5040.

Thursday, July 10

Jenkins VFW 6 p.m.


North/South: Jim Thompson and Pat Wynthe, 77; Lois Steffen and Charles Ready, 68; Chris and Diana Brown, 55.5.

East/West: Don and Sharon Berglund, 66.5; Fay Miller and Rhys Price Jones, 66.5; Al and Rose Ann Stans, 66.

Friday, July 11

Crosslake Community

Center, 1 p.m.

No game.

Anyone interested in joining any of the bridge games can contact Jim Thompson at 218-543-4688.

Anyone interested in joining the bridge game at the Crosslake Community Center can call the center at 218-692-4271.