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Breezy to purchase new computer server

Failures in the city of Breezy Point’s computer server have led the city council to approve purchase of new equipment not to exceed $14,606.80.

City Administrator Joe Rudberg stated in a memo to the council Monday night, Jan. 7, that the city’s computer server is for both city hall and the police department.

“Almost everything we do requires this server availability,” Rudberg stated.

He said the server was shutting down on its own, and one of the hard drives failed. Computer technicians believe the city’s motherboard is failing. Continuing issues made city email unavailable; it had been down for a week.

“If I can save some money, I’m not going to spend that full cost (of $14,606.80),” Rudberg said. “But I cannot afford to live without a server. Staff is unproductive, they cannot get things done.”

Rudberg showed research into numerous options for new equipment in his memo. The city will use funds from the revolving capital, sewer fund, budgeted funds from 2012 and budgeted funds for 2013 to pay for the new equipment.

Rudberg said the finance committee will look over and approve his solution for covering the cost of the new equipment.