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2014 Bean Hole Days Paddle Hunt Clues

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2014 Bean Hole Days Paddle Hunt Clues

It's time to dig out Thor, Big Bertha, Ole, Sven, Lena and Baby Olga for the Pequot Lakes Bean Hole Days celebration July 8 -10. It's a time for thousands to gather as they share a free lunch of baked beans, a dinner roll, and a glass of lemonade.

Bean Hole Days Paddle Hunt clues Nos. 1 & 2 have been released.

  Paddle Hunt Clue # 1: Bean Hole Days are a really big hoot, If you eat too many you'll surely have to toot! We're Staging a big event, But we've found we're in a bind. Paul's Paddle is missing', We think he must have taken it fishin'. 

Paddle Hunt Clue #2 We've looked high, We've Looked low, The middle is where we ought to go. The beans must be stirred Paul's Paddle needs to be returned!