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Pine River Fire Department and steeds win tournament

Pine River Firefighter Shawn Hesse's uncooperative donkey literally dragged him all over the Pine River-Backus gymnasium during the Jan. 7 Donkey Basketball game. Travis Grimler / Echo Journal 1 / 4
Backus Firefighter Zack McCarty have a tie-breaking arm-wrestling match after Pine River tied with Backus during a last second penalty shot. Hesse won the tie-breaker and his team went on to win the Jan. 7 Donkey Basketball tournament. Pine River Firefighter Shawn Hesse and Travis Grimler / Echo Journal2 / 4
Backus Firefighter Zach McCarty, nicknamed Too Tall by the announcer, tries a lay up at the Jan. 7 Donkey Basketball game at the Pine River-Backus school. Travis Grimler / Echo Journal 3 / 4
Travis Grimler / Echo Journal Backus Firefighter Micheal Peterson prepares to make another shot at the basket atop his mighty steed while teammate Zack McCarty (aka Too Tall) follows behind for the rebound.4 / 4

The Pine River Fire Department took home a trophy from the Jan. 7 Dairyland Donkey Basketball game at the Pine River-Backus School.

Pine River rallied after a near defeat in the first game of the night against the Backus Fire Department. While Backus led 6-2 until half-time, Pine River came back in the second half and tied up thanks to a penalty from Backus at the last second. An arm wrestling tie-breaker earned Pine River a spot in the final game.

The second game pitted the Scamp Travel Trailer Company against the Backus Locker, with Scamp advancing to the final round, where they were beat out by Pine River.

The event was a fundraiser for the Backus Cornfest.